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Polish Newsletter on

Optics and Photonics

edition#2 (January 2022)

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Good morning!

Welcome to the January edition of the PNOP. We present the latest information related to activities of Polish companies and R&D centers. In this edition, we highlight  great successes of our community:  winning  ERC grant, launching new production lines and more!

Enjoy your reading and let us know your feedback!

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Polish Technological Platform on Photonics

logo of European Reseach Council

Winners of ERC Starting Grants announced

European Research Council announced the list of winners of ERC Starting Grants. In this record-breaking edition for Poland, Polish scientific entities received as many as 8 grants. Two of them, led by Michał Tomza (Warsaw University) and Szymon Choraze (Jagiellonian University), are related to optics and photonics. Congratulations!

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Logo of European Photonics Industry Consortium

Photonic investment certificate - starting in Frankfurt

Photonics is becoming increasingly attractive to financial investors. Following EPIC's creation of the first listed index of photonics companies, the first photonics investment certificate has just been created. This is a type of security that will facilitate investment in the fast-growing photonics industry. To begin with, it will be listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

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Visualisation of quantum glass

ML System has launched a quantum glass production line

ML System, a manufacturer of photovoltaic systems from Zaczernia near Rzeszów, has launched the world's first production line of glass with a quantum dot coating –

Q Glass. The quantum dots coating converts UV and infrared radiation into electrical energy. The new product will enable the production of electricity by glazing buildings and vehicles.

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Job openings

Digital signal processing engineer


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R&D Engineer


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Optical engineer


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Photo of Katarzyna Komar

Katarzyna Komar – Optica Senior Member

Katarzyna Komar, affiliated with Nicolaus Copernicus University and the International Centre for Translational Eye Research, has been awarded the title of "Senior Member" by Optica (formerly The Optical Society). Congratulations on the distinction!
Photo:  NCN Archive /  fot. Michał Łepecki

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Photo of three microscope objectives

Optoelectronics Committee Awards

The Optoelectronics Committee has announced the results of the jubilee, XXX Competition named after prof. Adam Smolinski for the best thesis in the field of optoelectronics. The main prize was awarded to Michał Zmyślony from the University of Warsaw. We congratulate the winners and keep our fingers crossed for further successes!
Photo: Piotr Wasylczyk

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logo of Vigo Photonics

New brand – VIGO Photonics

Vigo Systems, the global market leader in uncooled photon infrared detectors, is launching a new global brand. The company from Ożarów Mazowiecki is developing by investing in new technologies and opening its foreign branches.

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Photo of Scanway telescope

Scanway sends its optical telescope into orbit

In mid-2022, Wrocław-based Scanway, the national market leader in satellite imaging technology, will send its telescope into orbit as part of a Polish-German orbital mission.
Photo: Scanway

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Logo of Lodz University of Technology, and University of Warsaw

New members of PPTF

At the beginning of the year, two more universities conducting research and educating students and PhD students in the field of optics and photonics joined the Polish Photonics Technology Platform: Lodz University of Technology and University of Warsaw.

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logo of noctiluca

OLED emitters from Noctiluca to be tested at LG

The Torun-based company, which recently opened a laboratory in Korea and is preparing to go public, has signed an agreement with the world leader in OLED matrix production - LG will be testing its innovative emitters.

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Photo of scanned jar

3D scanner digitizes Gdansk museum collection

Smarttech 3D, a manufacturer of precision 3D scanners from Łomianki near Warsaw, continues to introduce its equipment to the Archeological Museum in Gdańsk and cultural heritage protection sector.
Photo. Anna Wilczak/ Smarttech 3D

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visualisation of a hologram

Photonics Letters of Poland – Special Issue

As part of the celebrations of the year of Prof. Mieczyslaw Wolfke, the pioneer of holography, a special issue of the periodical of the Photonic Society of Poland has been published, the main theme of which is holography.

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Research publication highlights

Cover of Nature Magazine highlighting photon avalanche

Giant nonlinear optical responses from photon-avalanching nanoparticles


C. Lee, E. Z.Xu, Y. Liu, K. Yao, A.Fernandez-Bravo, A. M. Kotulska, S. H. Nam, A. Bednarkiewicz, B. E. Cohen, E. M. Chan, P. J. Chuck

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cover of The Journal of physical chemistry letters

Hybrid Semimagnetic Polaritons in Strongly Coupled Optical Microcavity

The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

T. Fąs, M. Ściesiek, W. Pacuski, A. Golnik,

J. Suffczyńki

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logo of Photon Hub Europe project

PhotonHub Europe

PhotonHub Europe (PHE) is a pan-European support network for entrepreneurs and public institutions interested in developing and upgrading their businesses with photonics technologies. It offers free knowledge and training, the possibility to experiment, test and develop technologies, business support, funding support and a wide network of contacts - services that are available to all entities in the EU, with a special focus on SMEs. The PPTF is PHE's Polish partner as a national photonics hub.

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photo of microscope objective

Online courses – photonics technologies

One of the PhotonHub Europe (PHE) services available to anyone interested are online courses introducing innovative photonic technologies. In 2022 there will be 29 courses, prepared and taught by experts from the best universities and research institutes in Europe - including our colleagues from the Warsaw University of Technology. Diverse topics include general introductory courses on photonics as well as presentations of specific photonics technologies and applications. Conducted in English, the 2-hour courses are available free of charge to everyone. 

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