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Polish Newsletter on

Optics and Photonics 

edition #4 (March 2022)

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Good morning!

Welcome to the March edition of PNOP!
We present the response of the Polish optic and photonic community to the war in Ukraine and two new iniatives from the Candela Foundation. In the last month, the activities of Polish optic-photonic companies have been recognised in many competitions. Congratulations and best wishes for further development!

Enjoy your reading and let us know your feedback!

Candela Foundation

Polish Technological Platform on Photonics

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Photonic Aid For Ukraine

Candela Foundation, PPTF and Wave Jobs have jointly launched the Photonic Aid For Ukraine initiative: a portal offering jobs and support to optics and photonics professionals who have had to leave Ukraine because of the war. We want them to continue to develop their competences, which they will use in the future to rebuild the country. We publish offers from the optics and photonics sector, provide support and advice - in Ukrainian, English and Polish. Please help us to reach out to those interested and make our initiative widely available 

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Wizualizacja szkła kwantowego

Resonators – student summer internship program from Candela Foundation

Candela Foundation opens a new programme of summer internships for students to support student mobility between Polish research centres and the exchange of information. Students selected in an open competition will receive a scholarship to enable the implementation of the internship in the selected group. This year's edition is a pilot and it is planned to develop it in subsequent years.

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Wizualizacja szkła kwantowego

Polish Optical Conference 2022

Candela Foundation, together with the Optics Section of the Polish Physical Society, would like to invite you to the 6th edition of the Polish Optical Conference to be held in Plock on 12-15 June 2022. Please register early and send your abstract of your contribution by 1 April 2022.

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Job openings

Senior Process Engineer (MOCVD)

VIGO Photonics

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Thin film technologist

SDS Optic

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New applications specialist

QNA Technology

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TOP 101 of Polish electronic companies 

Warsaw-based startup FiberTeam Photonics Solutions, which develops widely available devices for industrial fiber optic measurements, was placed on the TOP 101 list of the best Polish electronic companies and startups prepared by Congratulations on the distinction!

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Zdjęcie teleskopu optycznego od firmy Scanway

The first, Polish, quantum processor

Physicists from the Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies and the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw have designed and built the first quantum processor in Poland. Its first application was in spectroscopy.

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Zdjęcie Grzegorz Sobonia

Initial Public Offering of SDS Optic

The Lublin-based company SDS Optic S.A., which develops the biophotonic technology platform inPROBE for real-time medical diagnostics, debuted on the NewConnect market at the Warsaw Stock Exchange on 15 March.

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Przemysław Kimla –Entrepreneur of the year

The president of KIMLA, a company producing lasers for metal cutting and CNC machines, has become the winner of the New Technologies / Innovation category in this year's edition of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year competition. In total, the presidents of 3 photonics companies were nominated for the award. Congratulations!

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New members of PPTF

The Stanisław Staszic AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków joined the Polish Photonics Technology Platform at the end of February. The AGH’s research and education areas include optical fibre technologies and high bandwidth fibre systems (Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications, Institute of Electronics).

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Quantum Computing  highlighted Invest in Digital Poland  report

The Digital Poland Foundation has described the potential of the high-tech sector in Poland, including the potential of Polish research organisations in quantum computing. The report was prepared in cooperation with Quantum AI Foundation.

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Research publication highlights

Okładka czasopisma Nature z opisaną poniżej publikacją

Identification of Thioflavin T Binding Modes to DNA: A Structure-Specific Molecular Probe for Lasing Applications

The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

P. Hańczyc, P. Rajchel-Mieldzioć, B. Feng,

and P. Fita 

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Okładka czasopisma The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters z wyróżnioną publikajca opisaną ponizej

Direct Identification of Surface Bound MoO3 on Single MoSFlakes Heated in Dry and Humid Air

Advances Materials Interfaces

M. Rogala, S. Sokołowski, U. Ukegbu, A. Mierzwa and R. Szoszkiewicz

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Logo projekt PhotonHub Europe

PhotonHub Europe

PhotonHub Europe (PHE) is a pan-European support network for entrepreneurs and public institutions interested in developing and upgrading their businesses with photonics technologies. It offers free knowledge and training, the possibility to experiment, test and develop technologies, business support, funding support and a wide network of contacts - services that are available to all entities in the EU, with a special focus on SMEs. The PPTF is PHE's Polish partner as a national photonics hub.

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Zdjęcie obiektywu mikroskopowego

Learn about technology in practice - Demo Centres and Experience Centres

PhotonHub Europe offers entrepreneurs a rare opportunity to get hands-on experience with photonic technologies. A network of nearly 40 demonstration and experiment centres, spread across Europe, has been established for this purpose.

The centres organise 1- or 3-day practical training courses for small groups. Participants take active roles in demonstrations and experiments, becoming directly acquainted with materials, equipment and processes. Training is available to any interested company. 

Two centres are available in Poland too: Łukasiewicz-Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics runs the 
Photonic Materials & Speciality Fibers Experience Centre, while the Institute of Micromechanics and Photonics at the Warsaw University of Technology has just opened a Quantitative Phase Imaging at Cellular Level Demo Centre, focusing mainly on representatives of the biomedical sector. 

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